The Vermont Bar Association
61st Mid-Year Meeting
Business Meeting Agenda
Friday, March 23, 2018

 1.        Call to Order/President’s remarks
 2.        Minutes & Treasurer’s Report
 3.        Memorial:
John W. Barnett           August 10, 2017
Charles E. Gibson, Jr.    October 10, 2017
Robert A. Gensburg      November 9, 2017
John T. Ewing              November 25, 2017
Alexander W. Banks      December 18, 2017
Keith T. Aten                January 11, 2018
L. John Cain                 January 19, 2018
Benson D. Scotch          January 29, 2018
Michael P. Harty            February 11, 2018
 4.        Guest Speaker: Dean Thomas McHenry, Vermont Law School

 5.        Pro Bono Award Winners:
Eugene Rakow, Esq.
S. Scott Smith, Esq.
Frank J. Twarog, Esq.
 6.        Elections:
                        President-Elect:                     Elizabeth Novotny
                        Secretary:                             Edward J. Tyler, III
                        Treasurer:                             Matthew F. Valerio
                        At-Large Board Seat:              Hon. Ben Joseph v. James Rodgers
                        At-Large Board Seat:              Katelynn Atwood v. Vanessa Kittell
                        At-Large Board Seat:              Robert Fletcher v. Jeffrey Messina
 7.        Access to Justice Campaign Update
 8.        VBF Report
 9.        ABA Report –
10.       Old Business
11.       New Business

The Board of Managers proposes to amend the VBA Constitution as follows: